Go get your knowledge on and see some amazing things in the Stateline Area.

I love going to the museum. I admit I haven't gone in a while, but it is one of my favorite rainy day activities. One year I was lucky enough to be the chaperon for my nephews class field trip. I was able to go to the museum and experience the joy of knowledge through his young eyes. We had such a fantastic time and I'm absolutely wanting to go back again.

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The Stateline area has so much to offer when it comes to museums. Here are some fantastic museums to visit:

  1. Midway Village Museum - Experience exhibits of historic artifacts, household items, documents and photos plus a living Victorian village.
  2. Burpee Museum of Natural History - Features an educational center with tours of exhibits on geology, flora and fauna, dinosaurs and mative artifacts
  3. Discovery Center Museum - Has both fun and educational science museum with exhibits, workshops, crafts and experiments for kids.
  4. Rockford Art Museum - Rockford Art Museum boasts a diverse yet concise collection, acclaimed modern galleries, museum store, office, studios and classrooms; since 2004 the museum has been a Partner in Excellence of the Illinois Arts Council.
  5. Erlander Home Museum - The Swedish Historical Society is organized exclusively for historical, educational, and charitable purposes. In harmony with this purpose is the operation of the Erlander Home Museum and the preservation of Swedish-American history and culture of Rockford through such activities as the conservation of artifacts, museum displays and educational programs.
  6. Ethnic Heritage Museum - Join us as local history lives on in a quaint home built in 1850's. Known today as The Ethnic Heritage Museum it is here that you will find six fascinating galleries devoted to the primary immigrant groups that settled in southwest Rockford, IL. African-American, Hispanic, Irish, Italian, Lithuanian and Polish.
  7. Camp Grant Museum - Here you will learn about the history of the men and women who lived, worked and defended our country during the Camp's existence during World War I and II.
  8. Veterans Memorial Hall - Veterans Memorial Hall was constructed in the Greek revival and classical building style at the request of the citizens of Winnebago County to honor Veterans. Today, just as when it was dedicated by President Theodore Roosevelt on June 3, 1903, Veterans Memorial Hall stands to honor all Veterans.
  9. Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum and Gardens - Take a guided tour of a restored, Swiss-style 1865 home boasting its original furnishings.
  10. Vintage Spokes Motorcycle Museum - A private collection of motorcycles and memorabilia.
  11. Rockford Auto Museum - Specializing in mostly 60's and 70's muscle cars, but also display any collectible car in pristine condition. Inventory changes regularly depending on the number of cars that are sold or rotated out. You can return every year and see a new collection of cool cars!
  12. Macktown Living History Center - Macktown is being restored, and you can visit its 1830-1846 historic conditions. This includes archaeological excavations; reconstruction of the Hayes Tavern, the Mack Store, and furniture shop, and other historic buildings. After being moved from its original foundation, 2007 sees the schoolhouse being dismantled and prepared for its return to its original site.
  13. Rockton Township Historical Society - Featuring Carriage House exibits, The Grout house and Carr's history of Rockton and much more.
  14. Paulson's Agriculture Museum of Argyle - Museum's benefactors, Warren & Helen Paulson, traveled world-wide to find, collect, and restore the artifacts that reside in the museum. Filled with wagons, spreaders, cultivators, planters and the most extensive collection of Emerson Brantingham equipment, (manufactured in Rockford, IL), even American Pickers visited the museum!

Which museum is your favorite? Did I forget one on the list? I'll have to write out my plan for the summer so I can visit each one!