Because of the extremely cold temperatures, blood donation traffic at the Rock River Valley Blood Center has been very low.

House Chief Deputy Majority Whip Patrick McHenry Hosts Blood Drive In Support Of Rep. Steve Scalise And Victims Of Ball Field Shooting
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This has caused 4 different blood types to have a supply on hand as low as one days worth. RRVBC Marketing Manager Jennifer Bowman has said they are in desperate need of A negative, B negative, B positive, and O negative blood.

Bowman went on to say that along with the colder temperatures, the recent increase in cold and flu symptoms and people traveling for the holidays has impacted the number of people who are able and willing to donate.

As someone who has donated blood several times, I can tell you it takes about an hour and with your donation you could save up to three peoples lives. Plus, there is no cooler feeling than receiving a phone call letting you know that your blood donation has gone on to save someones life!

If you would like to set up an appointment to donate and find a location near you, click here.

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