The Rock River Valley Blood Center is having a plasma donor who's a recovered COVID-19 patient give interviews.

Of course, for good reason, the pandemic dominates the news, internet, and social media. It's on everyone's mind. Every time, I speak with my Mom, that's all she wants to talk about. It's everywhere. I sometimes get overwhelmed with all the information. It's really hard to keep up with the lastest

I do know that there amazing things going on in the world to help combat this illness. Especially, in the areas of medicine, science, and research.

We even have those things going on in the Rockford community.

This is from a press release from the Rock River Valley Blood Center.


"The RRVBC will have a convalescent plasma donor that is willing to be interviewed. Convalescent plasma is collected from recovered COVID-19 patients and administered to people currently diagnosed with COVID-19."

It will give everyone a chance to hear what the experience is like.

"The RRVBC does need blood donations again. Donors MUST make an appointment to donate blood."

If you would like more information, go to

Video: Dr. Ehren Jarrett Superintendent of Rockford School District 205

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