A traveling exhibit from the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame featuring music and politics is coming to Chicago.

I'm a huge fan of music, so whenever I get the opportunity to check out something Rock related, I'm all about it. Plus, I haven't been to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame yet. This will give me a little taste of what I have been missing out on.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications is a hidden gem in the Windy City. Not only do they have great permanent exhibits, but they also bring in very interesting temporary ones too. For example, the Saturday Night Live one ended its run a couple of months ago. Here's the next attraction and it sounds like it won't disappoint.

From museum.tv,

"Using video, multimedia, photographs, periodicals, and artifacts, “Louder Than Words” will showcase the intersection between rock and politics. It will explore how artists exercise their First Amendment rights, challenge assumptions and beliefs, stimulate thought and effect change."

Many Classic Rock artists have been part of this movement.

Here's an up-close and personal look at the tie between politics and music and their influence on each other.

There are fans who say, musicians should not proclaim their politics at shows. Maybe this information will help them understand.

I look forward to this learning experience.


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