The Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame's Class of 2015 is a pretty good one for a change. Like picking up the beer cans on my front lawn from my jackweed neighbors every summer morning, this is an annual pastime I love to hate. Though like I said, this year isn't too bad at all. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Lou Reed, Paul Butterfield Blues Band are all being inducted along with Bill Withers and Green Day are being enshrined. I have no beef with Green Day, they're a decent modern band. However, their first first of eligibility? Really? When Warren Zevon, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple and countless other, more influential artists are not given keys to the hall of fame?

I recently conducted an online poll asking what bands and artists should be nominated to the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. Of course, Cheap Trick led the pack. Other artists suggested included Deep Purple, Def Leppard, The Cars, Yes, Chicago and Rory Gallagher (my vote), and many more. This weekend we are featuring overlooked artists with a Rock 'n Roll Rejects Weekend. Sure, you'll hear the rock greats officially sanctioned by the overlords at the HOF.

Out of all of the induction ceremonies, there is none that has quite the notoriety more than the Class of '88's. Many rock 'n roll heavyweights were inducted that year. The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, and The Supremes were let in. This was before there was even a brick and mortar museum yet in Cleveland. Elton John inducted The Beach Boys and the members all gave nice short, meaningful speeches. Everyone but lead singer Mike Love. See, at that time, Paul McCartney was involved with lawsuits that pitted him against Ringo and Yoko Ono and didn't make it to the event. Neither did Diana Ross, even though The Supremes were getting inducted. Love went on to challenge Springsteen, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to what could essentially be called a 'duel', rock 'n roll style. It was very odd, confrontational and the cause of a few moments of awkward silence in the crowd. There is some NSFW language, even by Elton at the end of the segment. Quite funny though.

After Bruce Springsteen inducted him, Dylan gave a short, concise and funny speech echoing Elton's sentiments while at the same time acknowledging a couple of huge influences that were in the audience.

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