Rock and Roll Recap for March 12 featuring KISS, Elton John, Steve Perry, Little Feat and more.

2014 - Bill Payne, keyboards and vocals, from Little Feat turns 65 today. Also celebrating a birthday is Steve Harris, 58, from Iron Maiden.

2012 - The Doobie Brothers' drummer Michael Hossack died. He was 65.

2010 - Fans tried to crash the gate at Metallica's first concert in Colombia in 11 years without tickets. Over 100 were arrested needing 1,500 police and four tanks. Eight people were hospitalized.

2003 - The Rolling Stones had to eliminate four songs from their shows in Shanghai and Beijing, requested by the Chinese government. These sons were "Brown Sugar," "Beast of Burden," "Lets's Spend the Night Together" and "Honky Tonk Woman."

1998 - Steve Perry left Journey.

1996 - KISS released the album "Unplugged."

1974 - Harry Nilsson and John Lennon were thrown out of an L.A. nightclub for heckling Tommy Smothers.

1971 - The Allman Brothers began recording their classic album "Live at the Fillmore East."

1969 - Paul McCartney married photographer Linda Eastman.

1968 - Reginald Dwight changed his name to Elton John.

Happy Birthday Bill Payne! Seeing Little Feat was one of my favorite concerts. Here is Little Feat with Bonnie Raitt and Emmylou Harris.

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