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This past Saturday my oldest daughter turned 10 so getting a cake was defiantly a must!

Normally I make some type of sweet treat for her birthday but this year we opted to just get something from the bakery instead.

She decided she wanted to go to our local Schnuck's in Loves Park and pick out a cake. She went with a marble cake with a Cool Whip like frosting, so good!!

But as we were heading up front to pay for the cake, we noticed something out of the ordinary in the aisle too. At first, none of us thought much of it, then it moved and we realized it was a robot.

Tally, Stock Checker at Schnuck's

I couldn't get a picture of the screen when it would say it, but its name is Tally, and its a stock checker. It moves like a taller Rumba. Has anyone else seen these anywhere else around town?

Tally, Stock Checker at Schnuck's

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