A criminal in Chicago picked the wrong person to steal from when the woman turned out to be a Golden Gloves Boxer.

I wonder if thieves ever consider that one of their targets might resist? If they make a mistake and chose someone that can defend themselves, the tables could turn quickly.

That's what happened in the Windy City.

According to wgntv.com,

"A Chicago woman was headed to the gym when someone tried to rob her. Unbeknownst to her attacker, the woman was a Golden Gloves champion who fought back and has a 6-0 fighting record with the majority of her fights won by knock out.."

The woman was on the way to the gym when a teen asked her for directions. A man attacked her from behind. Her instincts kicked in and she fought back. Unable to get a punch to his face, she began hitting him in the groin. The suspect immediately took off running.

Hopefully, this will discourage him from trying it again.


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