If you're tired of working from home, then rent out a hotel room in Illinois for a day.

In 2020, many people who normally would work in an office are now based out of their home. For some, it's a dream come true. Of course, there are pros and cons to both.

To just name a few...

When you're working from home, you never have to leave the house. Your commute is about a minute from the bedroom to your office. There's no dress code. Don't worry about forgetting your lunch. No annoying co-workers. The pets are your assistants.

In the office, there's socializing with people. You'll care about your appearance. Leaving that messy house isn't a bad thing. The kids, pets, and significant other can't interrupt you all day. There's set working times.

My household has turned into an office. My wife is working from home. Since she was the first, she claimed our office. My daughter is in college. She's been doing Zoom classes. Her spot is in the living room. Half my day is spent at the radio station, so when I'm doing some work at home, I'm stuck in the kitchen.

You have to be very disciplined and self-motivated to work from home. It can make you go stir crazy with cabin fever. Most offices are busy places, so it really isn't an option to be there. Too bad there wasn't an option, just for a change of pace. So you could have different scenery. Even if just for a few hours.

What if I said there was.

According to timeout.com,

"Working from home has its perks (easy access to the fridge and no commute, to name a few), but if you live in a cramped apartment with roommates, it can often feel like the walls are caving in. Some of the best hotels in Chicago have come up with an appealing but splurgy loophole: They're renting out their rooms as private offices for the day."

I have to admit, I love the idea. Your own private comfy space. A special bathroom, bed if you need a nap and free wifi. Don't forget about cable TV, room service, and a nice view. Do they have a pool, hot tub, and spa? Plus, you could check out a place you normally couldn't afford.

Let's call it a day-cation.

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