Breastfeeding moms, you can come out now.

No more asking your co-workers to stay out of a room for an hour so you can pump, gone are the days of feeding your baby in a restaurant bathroom or the locker room of your gym, even though you'd rather be by the pool; and the days of you being shamed or criticized for wanting to bond with your baby in public should come to an end (well, hopefully) because....

According to USA Today, it's finally legal for moms to breastfeed in public in all 50 states. The bill passed after the language was changed to say that women are permitted to "breastfeed in any place of public accommodation."

SO, the next time someone mocks or scorns you for wanting to feed your baby in an Ikea living room display, just tell them to mind their own business and that you have the law on your side.


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