Traci Hill is a friend of mind, so I have no problem singing her praises and maybe making her blush a bit.

Photo - Traci Hill
Photo - Traci Hill

You always want the best teachers for your kids. Having a teacher that can lead, enrich, and provide a fun learning environment is so important. That is just a small part of what Traci Hill did for my kids and so many others.

The connection that Mrs. Hill had with her students was amazing. I would occasionally do the "room dad" thing and just soak in all the positive energy that she shared.

This week Traci Hill said goodbye to her teaching duties, and Prairie Hill School gave her an amazing send off. In professional sports we see the "jersey retirement" ceremonies, but how about for a teacher? You could say Mrs. Hill is like a Hall of Fame athlete for sure. Hustle, hard work, blood (paper cuts) sweat and tears for sure. After Wednesday, Traci left it all on the court.

If you know Traci or any of your kids ever had her for a teacher, they are having an open house for her Monday night from 4p-7p at Prairie Hill School in South Beloit.

Thank you Mrs. Hill for your years of service, and thank you for making both of my boys not only better students but better people. Love you Traci, cheers!


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