Spoiler alert ... they're REALLY expensive on Ebay.

So, Popeyes released a new chicken sandwich nationwide on August 12 of this year.

I mean ... it looks delicious. And apparently the internet thought so too. It was immediately being compared to Chick-fil-A's famous sandwich. What unfolded online was madness. Millions had chicken sandwiches all over their social media, and that prompted millions to get in line to try the new sandwich.

So much so that this happened -

Sold out nationwide. That's INSANE. What's even more insane? They're now being sold on Ebay for THOUSANDS of dollars.

Credit Ebay
Credit Ebay

Some are bought fresh and sent frozen. Others are just bought and sent nasty and soggy. Either way, please don't buy them. They'll be back. Until then, try their rival - Chick-fil-A.

Also ... did everyone just forget about KFC?

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