A group of employees at a Milwaukee Popeye's was fired after a customer films them getting in a fight with each other.

The Popeye's fast-food chain has been getting a lot of publicity for their infamous chicken sandwichs. People are waiting in long lines, restaurants are running out, and customers are getting violent.

Here's another incident at a Milwaukee location but this time, it's the employees fighting each other.

According to abc7chicago.com,

"Several employees at a Wisconsin Popeyes restaurant lost their jobs after a brawl was caught on cellphone video. The incident happened while customers were inside the restaurant." 

Here's a video of the brawl...

"One customer wanted to avoid the drive-thru line and went inside. There were a lot of people working there. Soon it went from calm to chaos inside the restaurant. One of them yelled, "It's a fight." The incident happened back by the grills. The customer grabbed his cellphone and started recording. Moments later, a violent fight broke out with several employees throwing punches. Milwaukee police responded and no arrests were made. It is unclear what sparked the incident."

"The Popeye's franchise owner released a statement... "This was an unfortunate, isolated incident which we take very seriously. The dining room was closed immediately after the altercation. As a result of this, seven employees were terminated from the company, including the manager on duty."

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