This is what happens when you start planning for Halloween when we're barely past Memorial Day.

There's a woman named Rachel Schmidt from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. And earlier this month, she was at a yard sale and saw a realistic-looking Halloween skeleton decoration for $2, so she bought it.

It was so big that it wouldn't fit in the trunk, so she put it in the front seat, and even hooked it in with a seatbelt.

Then she went shopping for groceries and left it in the car. And when she came back outside there was a police car blocking her in and a cop looking in her window.

Apparently someone had seen the skeleton and thought it was a real dead body. And since, you know, it's JUNE, no one would've thought it might be a Halloween decoration.

Anyway, Rachel cleared things up with the officer and posted about what happened on Facebook, and now her story is going viral.

Read more at CTV.

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