In Peoria, Illinois, a simple playdate turned bad quickly.

I think playdates are a pretty good idea for kids.

It's an interesting way for parents to get to know each other while their children have fun.

Though sometimes it doesn't go well. Kind of like a blind date. Either the adults or little ones don't connect. It's understandable. Not everyone gets along.

Hopefully, it doesn't go bad like this situation in Peoria.

According to,

"While kids have a playdate, moms go to a tavern in West Peoria."

Well, I can tell already this isn't going to work out well.

It starts out with two moms. One has three kids that are three, four, and twelve. The other has two who are six and nine. They decide to get together for a playdate.

For some reason, the mothers thought it would be a good idea to leave and go to a bar for a few drinks.

After getting drunk, they got into an argument. Imagine that.

The two headed back to the house where the visiting mom tried to get her kids so she could leave. The homeowner tried to stop her and injured the woman. There were scratches on her head and bruises on her neck.

Unable to stop her physically, the resident pulled out a butcher knife. Luckily, one of her children stopped her before anyone got hurt.

The police were called and they contacted the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services because there were young kids present.

Can you say role models?


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