Where are the good places to go skating in Rockford?


It's amazing the random thoughts I can have each night as I'm trying to fall asleep.

Last night is a perfect example. For some reason all of a sudden I was thinking, we sure have a lot of cool places to go skating in Rockford.

I'm not just talking ice skating. There's also roller skating, roller blading, and skate boarding. We've got it all here in the Forest City. Plus, there are great facilities where you can participate.

Here are some to check out.

Ice Skating - If you enjoy watching the IceHogs and Blackhawks, why not learn how to play the game yourself.

Roller Skating - Going old school with the flashing lights, loud pop music, and lady's choice.

Rollerblading - Just think ice skating with out the cold.

Skateboarding - Show off your dangerous side and go to the extreme.

You can never say you're bored when we have plenty of activities like these in town.

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