Staying safe on a long holiday weekend is key.


Graduation parties, BBQ's, and plenty of adult beverages are ahead this weekend. With some of us not working on Monday the idea becomes, "well I can just drink all weekend". Please be safe.

Law Enforcement WILL be doing a "Click it or Ticket" weekend, so the men and women in blue will have their eyes peeled for sure. So if there is even the slightest thought about getting behind the wheel after having a cocktail, just don't do it.

If you plan on having a few this weekend here are some Safe Party Tips from Washington & Lee University

  • Go out in groups and make a plan about getting home
  • Count the number of drinks and spread them out over the evening
  • Agree before you go out who will be the sober driver
  • Always eat before and during alcohol consumption

These are some great tips for what could be a long weekend. Please be safe and rock with us for a long time!

For your viewing pleasure here is a guy building and drinking from a 30 foot beer bong.



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