I learned two things today about Oscar Meyer and their Wienermobile drivers. First, Oscar Meyer hires a new class of drivers every year, and secondly, Wienermobile drivers are actually called "hotdoggers". (LOL!)

I also learned that becoming a Hotdogger is a tough gig to land.

Matt Riezman, the associate director of Oscar Mayer, recently told Fox 32 in Chicago that last year the company received over 7,000 applications but hired only 12 new hotdoggers. Riezman said, "It was easier to get into an Ivy League university [in 2019] than to get into the Oscar Mayer brand’s 32nd class of Hotdoggers."

So, do you think you have what it takes to "cut the mustard" (Oscar Meyer's words, not mine) as a Hotdogger in 2020? Job applicants must be:

  • A recent college graduate with a BS or BA preferably in, (but not limited to), public relations, journalism, communications, advertising, or marketing.
  • Be outgoing, creative, friendly, adventurous, and willing to travel the country for one year.
  • An excited representative of Oscar Meyer for radio, TV, and many other public events.

For more information on Hotdogger job requirements, and to find out where to submit your resumes, go here.

( I must stop writing now before all the wiener jokes I have been holding back start to bust loose. It's been a little too hard. Good luck becoming a Hotdogger!)

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