It was a year ago that an Illinois man was riding a horse on the Dan Ryan Expressway.


Imagine battling traffic on the Dan Ryan Expressway on a Monday afternoon, and all of a sudden it stops. Is there an accident up ahead, nope it's a guy on a horse.

He calls himself the "Dreadhead Cowboy," real name Adams Hollingsworth and he was on a mission to get attention, stop traffic and protest. "Kids Lives Matter," was the theme of this horsey ride on a busy Chicago area highway.


The Dreadhead Cowboy was followed by a helicopter, that clocked the horse of a whopping 15mph. Also following him was a bunch of cops and fellow cars though, only one horse.


The Dreadhead Cowboy took to Facebook prior to this "dog and pony" show to let people know that it was going down:

 "we focus on kids lives matter this gone keep happening, y'all don't wanna miss this I promise." - Dreadhead Cowboy

After riding this poor horses feet bloody, Dreadhead was placed under arrest after exiting the highway and then he was taken to the station on East 111th Street nearby.

The horse was stuck into a trailer and taken for medical attention. The horse is doing fine.


The idea was to get the governor and the mayors attention, and let them know that children in low income areas need attention, and better care.


Here's the news report from ABC7 Chicago.

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