Road tripping this weekend? Here are 11 meaty ideas.

Meat Skewer

There was a time in my life (approximately 14 year of my life, give or take a couple) where Memorial Day Weekend was a lot of work, some play, very little sleep, and stress...but it was an awesome time.

This weekend will be a LOT more chill. Dear friends, watch my oldest son graduate, and a lot of chill time.

If you are not sure where to go and what to sink your teeth into this weekend, these are some great ideas. According to ONLY these spots are a tank of gas away and will serve you up some of the best meats in the state!

  • Blue Boar Restaurant and Bar - Cobden, IL
  • Doc's Smokehouse and Catering - Mokena, IL
  • Fat Patties - Carbondale, IL
  • Lotawata Creek Southern Grill - Fairview Heights, IL
  • Mascoutah Steak House - Mascoutah, IL
  • Spoonies Bar & Grill - London Mills, IL
  • Mclintock's Saloon & Steakhouse - Girard, IL
  • Moonshine Store - Martinsville, IL
  • Paddy Long's Beer and Bacon Pub - Chicago, IL
  • Westwoods Lodge - Springfield, IL
  • Wheelans Barbecue Shack - Carlyle, IL


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