Not only is this town one of the smallest in America, but apparently it's also the most hippie town in Illinois too.

I'm not entirely sure what makes someone a hippie in 2021, so that's up for debate.

What you can't really debate is that Makanda, Illinois is totally tiny. So small it was ranked by Cheapism as one of the Smallest Towns in America.

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Population 536, Makanda sees more than their fair share of visitors throughout the year to keep things bustling. Albeit, as bustling as a small town can get, but I digress.

Cheapism via MSN:

A village named after Makanda, a local Indian chieftain, this tiny community hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year. The Makanda Springfest is an annual, two-day event showcasing local artists and live music, while the Makanda Vulture Fest, in October, celebrates the migration of the black vulture and the turkey vulture to the region. The town itself is full of artists and entrepreneurs, and many unique shops and businesses along its boardwalk.

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Makanda knows they are a popular destination for those looking to live the "hippy lifestyle" for the weekend.

Visit Makanda, their very tourist website, says:

Spend the day at Giant City State Park, Cedar, Little Grassy, & Devil’s Kitchen Lakes. have lunch and shop on the historic Makanda Boardwalk.

In addition, you can visit the Blue Sky Winery or stay in one of the many unique luxury lodging facilities on the Shawnee Wine Trail.

Photo by Trevor McGowan on Unsplash

While those sound like really fun things to do while visiting Makanda, the real reason for going, like Cheapism mentioned earlier, is to check out Vulture Fest.

Celebrating one of Southern Illinois' most anticipated autumn traditions, Vulture Fest promises all of the fun and family entertainment that a festival can provide.

After skipping 2020, the Vulture Fest appears to be on for 2021. Set for October 16 and 17 this might be a fun weekend if you're looking to do something different.

If you go, keep your eyes peeled for an exit ramp, because in the blink of an eye you could miss Makanda.

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