Bear sighting in Wisconsin caught with one of a kind video.

Fascination With Wild Animals

I do not care if you are in the city, country, mountains, flatlands, ocean, or creek people are fascinated with wild animals. Usually, they love them or are extremely afraid. Either way, they want to know more. Especially, if there is a story about one spotted in a place where it is not normally seen. Is that not the reason the internet was invented.


Wild Animal Sightings Happening More Often

Is it just me or does it seem like more and more wild animal sights are happening in residential areas? I am not talking about something like a deer, I am thinking more like a bear. They are either getting much braver or maybe looking for some free food.


This Is Not A Joke

It does really sound like the beginning of a joke that a Green Bay Packer fan made up about a Chicago player. A Bear was spotted in Wisconsin. You can use your own imagination from there. This is actually a true story, though.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Wild Bear Spotted In Wisconsin

A video of a bear was recently captured by a trail camera at Devil's Lake. Bears usually do not travel to the southern part of the state like this sighting.

According to, 

"A trail camera captured an image of a black bear in the park outside Baraboo."


"It's not the first time a bear has been spotted there, but it might be the first time that one's been captured on a trail cam."


"We rarely ever get reports of black bears in the park.” 

Check out the video footage of the Bear for yourself.

Video: Black Bear in Devil's Lake State Park

Illinois Has Bear Sighting Too

Wisconsin is not the only place nearby with a recent bear sight. There was also one in DeKalb, Illinois.

I guess my advice is beware of the bears.

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