There are now one-day flights available out of Chicago for major sports events.

I'm a huge Chicago sports fan. Whenever I can catch a game, I'm there. Especially if it's the Bears, Blackhawks, or Cubs.

I think most diehard fans are that way. You have to go support your team.

It's always great to go see your favorite teams in their home town stadium. If you're lucky enough to see a game out of town, that's something special.

The only problem with going to a road game is the travel. You could spend multiple days to attend just one. You might not be able to take several days to go to one of your favorite teams away contests.

The easiest way to do it would be by air. Unfortunately, the airlines aren't set up so you can fly to a game and back in the same day.

According to, now you can.

"Big Game Air offers round-trip jet transportation between Chicago Executive and the game town to see highly popular games."

What is Big Game Air?

"They provide same-day round-trip travel on private jets to major sporting events across the country, no hotels necessary."

I've made the trip to Green Bay to watch the Bears take on the Packers for Monday Night Football. The drive there and back is horrible. Now, I can just fly.

It would also be cool for things like the Final Four, Super Bowl, and National Championship.

Imagine being able to hit road games for all your favorite teams. It will make life so much easier. It's better than a designated driver.

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