If it's going to snow this much and be this cold, might as well take advantage of it all right? Well, this Belvidere family certainly did just that. Dale Boneschans has been building igloos for 30 years and this year his family didn't disappoint in their igloo making. While the cold temperatures kept most people inside, the Boneschans went outside and got to work.

His 7-year-old daughter Addison helped for the first time in the hauling, heaping and molding of the snow. The Boneschans family igloo is more for fun than shelter, but it’s still capable of serving as an insulator to keep the family warm. Temperatures inside can reach more than 40 degrees if the family brings in a space heater hooked up to the electricity from their home. They’ve been hauling snow to their backyard since November, and the fancy snow fort now has walls that are 1- to 2-feet thick.

Check it out for yourself -

Anyone about 5-feet-tall can stand and it’s about the size of a four-person tent. There’s a hook for a lantern hanging from the ceiling and a basic piping system that keeps water in the snow and keeps it running down the igloo’s sides. This isn't a simple snow day fort, this igloo is LEGIT.

Talk about when life gives you lemons!

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