In Eugene, Oregon, police finished a 12 hour, overnight stand off with a man who had been exposing himself to bystanders.

Officers located the suspect after they arrived on scene to a call about a guy exposing himself to bystanders, but when they arrived, he was gone.

When police located the suspect, he was about 20 feet off the ground, fully nude, on top of a railroad crossing sign.


When they got him down on June 16th, they not only tied him to the case of exposing himself (June 15th), but also a robbery that morning where he hit a 61-year-old man with a pipe and stole his things. Then, police were able to also tie him to a shoplifting incident at a Walmart (June 14th), as well as another incident on March 13th when the back window of a Honda was smashed and an instrument was stolen.

The suspect was arrested with the help of a K-9, who was put in a headlock and punched several times by the suspect.

He's been arrested a few other times.


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