You are a short drive away from an evening of "C.L.A.W.".

Photo - C.L.A.W.
Photo - C.L.A.W.

This was brought to my attention today, and I really can't stop looking. Downtown Urbana, Illinois is about to get its ass kicked. Friday, July 6th it's "Champaign Ladies Amateur Wrestling" (or C.L.A.W.) Midsummer Mayhem! I am going to tell you more, but just CLICK HERE and roadtrip.

All Woman's Amateur Wrestling, punk rock music, and Urbana is a pretty cool spot. This seems so rock-and-roll, it's just stupid. Who will be competing at "Midsummer Mayhem" you ask?

  • Annie Chokely
  • Cherry Deadly
  • Corn Stalker
  • Death N. Taxes
  • Grudge Judy
  • Punky Bruiser
  • Turd Serpent

Just.Go. You're Welcome.



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