Here is a chance to nominate one of the top sports team mascots in Illinois for the Mascot Hall of Fame.

What Makes A Successful Sports Franchise

Of course, there are a lot of important factors involved in creating a successful sports franchise. You have the owners, players, coaches, staff, and fans. Besides the games themselves and the behind-the-scenes of the organization, there is also the presentation of the event itself.


Putting On A Good Show For The Fans

Along with the actual game, there is also the show that goes along with the whole event. Things like the music, contests, giveaways, fan interaction, lights, PA announcer, scoreboard, video screen, and so much more.


Most Important Part Of The Game

My favorite element of the show part of the game is definitely the mascot. I really think they set the tone for the fans. A great mascot can make a huge difference. The bad ones are a bummer.


Illinois Has Some Legendary Mascots

We are lucky in Illinois because our teams have some legendary mascots.

Under-Rated Mascot In Illinois

Those are just the main ones in the state. I believe there is one mascot in Illinois that is very important and highly under-rated. That is Hammy from the Rockford IceHogs. For minor league sports teams where the players change every year, the mascot is top dog. They are the face of the franchise. Hammy outworks them all. Fans of all ages love him and what he does for the team. Plus, all the appearances he does in the community.


Time For Hammy To Be Honored

I think it is time for Hammy to get the recognition he deserves as a top-level mascot. Let's push to get him inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame.

If you support this cause, then please nominate him now. The more fans that do it, the better chance he has to get in. To support Hammy and for more info, HERE. It might not be this year but hopefully sometime down the road. Vote Hammy!

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