My puppy Lemmy, has figured out how to unlock his cage and no one believed me.

Lemmy is still a puppy and chews on everything in sight. So when no one is around, he goes in the cage. One night last week, I got home from work and Lemmy met me at the front door. But wait, I put him in his cage in the morning right?

I informed my family about Lemmy getting out and was met with laughter and doubt.  Here were my favorite comments:

  • There is no way he unlocked the cage
  • You probably shut it and didn't latch it
  • Why didn't you really put him in his cage


Today an IPad was set up after Lem was caged, please enjoy this video:


My favorite part of the video is when he headbutts the IPad as to say, "screw you people", yes Lemmy...Screw you people indeed.



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