A giant Nintendo collection worth thousands of dollars is for sale in Milwaukee.

When I was young, I think I was the only kid on the block that didn't have a video game system. My Dad wouldn't allow it because he said it would ruin his TV.

One of the first purchases I made for my dorm room when I went away to college was a Nintendo. I played it all the time. I had ten games for it and I thought I was king of the video game world.

Then I read about the ultimate Nintendo collection on avclub.com.

"A Milwaukee man is selling his massive Nintendo collection which includes approximately 730 for $29,900."

I enjoy video games, but that seems a little bit over the top. You could buy a nice new car for that much money. It would be like buying all the Nintendo items at Disc Replay.

Please let me know if you purchase it because I would love to come over and check it out.


Video: Miles Nielsen

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