As anyone who's ever internally screamed at the self-checkout lane about an unexpected item in the bagging area can tell you, this is either going to make your McDonald's experience easier from now on or not so much.

McDonald's Introduces Self-Service Kiosks
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Two Rochelle McDonald's locations are about to debut digital menu boards, along with self-ordering kiosks and tablet. This new technology will allow customers to place their order without having to interact with the employee behind the counter.

The employees will still be walking food out to your table.

The two Rochelle locations receiving the new technology are the ones located on Seventh Street and Ranger Road. These two locations have most recently been updated to match the more streamlined, modern appearance that has already been rolled out by 2,600 other McDonald's nationwide.

Rochelle McDonald's Owner/Operator Rosa Yunes recently told

“We’re excited to share this evolved experience at McDonald’s with our customers,

Yunes continued by saying:

“We appreciate and value our guests’ feedback on this new experience, and we’re looking forward to offering them a new way to dine at McDonald’s.”

Today at 4p the City of Rochelle with The Rochell Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony at both locations.

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