Who says you can't have big fun at mini-golf?

Actually, I don't really know anyone who despises putt-putt courses but I guess I don't really know anyone who goes out of their way to try them either.

Maybe I need to know more people or maybe it's that there isn't a mini-golf course near me that is worthy of the chatter.

While some of that, (or all of that) may be true, there is a spot for putt-putt not too far from the Rockford area that is apparently the best place for a round of mini-golf in the entire state of Illinois.

It's called Par-King Skilled Golf and Stacker dubbed it as the very best spot to play putt-putt in The Land of Lincoln and here's why:

Par-King Skill Golf is truly one of the most unique courses in the country. Its two 18-hole courses—which feature 19 moving obstacles and seven water holes—are decorated with miniaturized landmarks like the Taj Mahal and Mount Rushmore, storybook characters, carousels, and more. Priced at a reasonable $10 a round, the location only takes cash, so be sure to hit up an ATM before you arrive.

Dctravel on TripAdvisor called Par-King "a great find!" adding "The course is well maintained with a mixture of classic and unique and interesting holes."

However, laurajuarez had different feelings regarding her time at the putt-putt course saying it's "not recommended for families" and throwing in "The staff is rude, the turf is very worn, and many of the features no longer work."

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Well, you can't make everyone happy, not even "mini" happy. Par-King Skill Golf is at 21711 North Milwaukee Avenue in Lincolnshire.

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