"THIS. IS. HAPPENING: Heads up to all you shutterbugs. Today is the Spring Equinox and the phenomenon known as Chicagohenge, where the sun sets in perfect alignment with Chicago's East-West street grid, occurs today. One of the best spots to view is between Kinzie and Madison streets. WORTH SHARING!"

As you can tell, since we have a green river, this is a LIVE feed of the city. Spring is finally here even if it really doesn't feel like it. This evening, though, mother nature has one hell of a show planned for us. I say us because Chicago is the only city to my knowledge that will take advantage of the Spring Equinox.

As the sun sets it will be in perfect alignment with Chicago's East-West street grid basically giving you a sunset for the ages. ABC 7 Chicago has a picture of what it may look like later here.

Getty Images

Here is the sunset in Chicago on March 1, 2018.

Tonight, it will be even more epic if you can believe it. All you have to do is get off the couch and journey outside for an insane view. Grab those cameras and get to work. Just be sure not to go blind while enjoying mother nature's beauty.