The morning of September 11th 2001 started like any other radio day for me. I was doing the midday shift at a different radio station in town, so I was already in the studio preparing for my show.

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There was one tv in the entire building, in my studio. A tiny little 13 inch television in the corner that was pretty much always on. As I was getting ready for my show the "breaking news" graphics flashed across the screen grabbing my attention, so I turned it up and listened. The national news folks were as confused as the rest of us at what just happened. "We just got word that a plane has hit a building?" Is this someone's private plane, what is going on?

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Watching as the second plane hit, our nation became unglued. This IS an attack, what in the hell is next? Before I knew it, there was a dozen people in my studio gathered around this little tv. On the radio station we had national new break in and take over the programming. There were tears, panic, and a lot of fear filling the studio...That unsettling feeling of not knowing what's going to happen.

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There was truly nothing I could do on the air at that moment, like I said the national news had "cut in" and was filling the airwaves. Here I am thinking, well I can't just flip on the mic and be this meathead, tough talking, sarcasm filled "Captain Jack," not the time or place.

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I can't remember exactly how much time had past, I just remember standing in the breakroom and asking my general manager, "What do you want me to do?" With that same no b.s. tone, like it was just another day he said, "get back on the air and be goddamn Captain Jack."

I went back into the studio, did a few quick break on the air talking music etc, but more importantly I talked to callers. Listeners were scared, listeners were paranoid, listeners were heartbroken. I specifically remember one caller telling me "we are all gonna die Captain Jack, this is the end, here comes the end." Emotions were running wild.

As the rest of the day I "think" I had the responsibility to do what I normally do. Maybe "try" to be a distraction, try to be the alternative to all the evil and all of the pain.

So here we are 20 years later, on the anniversary of that terrible day in American history. The "big voice guy" for 96.7 The Eagle as we call him, put together an AMAZING tribute video. Interviewing people that were there, THERE on 9/11. This video is incredible and so well done that I had to share.

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