Want to know how "rich and famous" your favorite bands REALLY are?


It's all parties, women, and millions and millions of dollars when you are a rock star, right?

In 2017 the music industry had an amazing year. $43 Billion is pretty incredible figuring how the amount of physical music purchases is next to nothing. Streaming services bring in a huge chunk of change, to which the artist receives pennies.

Peter Frampton recently went to Twitter to break down the "huge" streaming payday an artist gets:


The majority of the $43 Billion comes from extensive touring by your favorite bands, which a majority gets scooped up by labels and artist management. COS

Bands fold, artists simply throw in the towel because they just can't survive. All of this is happening as $43 Billion is made in a year. The "artist" is starving, new and old. There has to be some sort of breaking point coming soon.


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