More people in the workplace are failing their drug tests.

There are jobs that require a drug test. It could be in order to get hired. Some do it randomly during employment.

I've had to do it in the past to start a position. I had to go to an immediate care type place. It was pretty simple. Urinate in a cup and they test it. Later in the day, I got the call that I was good to go.

If you test positive, then you don't get hired or lose the job.

Recently, I was thinking with many states legalizing marijuana. What does this do to drug tests for jobs?

According to,

"Research shows there has been a 33 percent increase in positive drug tests on employees, according to a study by EHS Daily Advisor."

In the transportation and warehouse industries, there was a double-digit increase in positive tests. This has employers worried for safety reasons.

For the legal weed states including recreational and medical use, this will be the next step. How do you monitor and legally enforce it?

Sounds like a possible future court battle.

Check out this possible outcome...

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