With less traffic on the road, many drivers are breaking the law.

I've noticed a lot of aggressive drivers on the road in Rockford lately. In fact, more than ever.

I was at the light at Charles and 11th Streets and a car that was at a complete stop decided to pull out in front of everyone to run the red. I guess they were in a hurry. The old, "no cop, no stop" game. It almost causes a major accident.

That's not all. I've witnessed drivers blowing through stop signs, hitting the gas on a yellow instead of slowing down and speeding. I'm talking "Fast and Furious" type moves. I even had someone in front of me turn left from the right-hand lane.

It seems they need a refresher course in the rules of the road.

It's been nice to have less traffic to deal with because of the "shelter in place" order. That doesn't mean it's time to become Mad Max. I'm sure they're thinking the cops aren't too concerned with traffic violators with everything else going on in the world right now.

If you've been driving around town like it's the Indy 500, please calm down. There's no need for someone to get hurt because of being reckless.

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