I've always felt that everyone thinks that the drivers in their part of the country are the worse than anywhere else. People from Rockford think we have worse drivers that people from Tulsa and vice versa. I think that it's similar to how we always think that we alwyas choose the slowest bank or grocery store line, we don't but our brains just remember all the bad times but good interactions usually fade quickly. It also is similar to the statistic that says something line, "90% of all accidents happen within 10 miles of your house." You spend the most time that far from your house, so of course the most accidents will happen in that radius. Same for bad drivers, we spend 95% of our driving here in town, so that's where we will see the most egregious driving.

Unless, of course we're talking about Florida, they are the worst drivers, I won't argue with anyone on that.

Here in Rockford, my main complaint is I wish we could be more open to having more roundabouts or traffic circles in town, but overall, we're just as good/bad at driving than everyone else in the country.

HOWEVER, there is one intersection in town that seems to flummox everyone that comes across it. N. 2nd St. and Spring Creek.

Joe Dredge
Joe Dredge

I'm specifically talking about when you're heading south on 251 and you take the east bound exit for Spring Creek. Upon exiting 251, the driver receives a solid quarter mile of a 3 lane road to complete the merge into traffic but an abnormal amount of people treat the yield sign as a stop sign and cause traffic to back up on the exit ramp.

Now this could be a problem that only I have noticed, that interchange is part of my daily commute to the station, so I use it more than any other intersection in town probably, but I see it at least once a week.

Do you get caught up here as well? Are there anymore troublesome traffic hotspots in town? Let us know.

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