In honor of Halloween, there was a creepy doll contest held at a museum in the Midwest.

There are a couple of things in my memory from my childhood home that scared me.

The first one was a picture of a clown. It didn't have a friendly circus type clown face. This one had a creepy look. I remember having to sleep with a night light because it frightened me so much. For some reason, I was afraid to tell my parents. Maybe, I thought they would get angry.

The other scary item was a creepy doll. It was my Mother's toy from when she was a little girl. Luckily, it was in our living room, so I didn't have to see it very often. We only used that room when we had company. She still has it and when I do visit her it stills gives me the creeps.

To me, a creepy doll can be scarier than a creepy clown. I've seen way too many horror movies.

There's no way you could pay me enough to check out the exhibit.

According to,

"A museum in Rochester, Minnesota has captured the macabre imagination of local residents and attracted national headlines for its well-executed Halloween PR drive For the past few weeks, the Olmsted County History Center has been running a "Creepy Doll" competition in the lead-up to Halloween."

Here's the winning "creepy doll" from their Facebook page.

Now, that's scary. Where is its face?


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