A man in the midwest is suing his parents over their treatment of his adult movie collection.

I think it's most adult's nightmare. Having to move back with your parents. Especially, if you've had years to accumulate lots of stuff.

Unfortunately, that happened to a man in Indiana. When he was able to move back on his own again, not all of his belongs went with him. This problem has caused an issue between the guy and his parents.

According to mystateline.com,

"A man is suing his parents for throwing out his pornography collection. He says it was no ordinary collection and was worth tens of thousands of dollars. His parents in say they threw it out for a good reason."

The gentleman had to move in with his parents after his divorce. He stayed with them for ten months performing chores instead of paying money for rent.

When he moved out, his parents delivered his stuff to his new residence. Some of his things were missing. That would be twelve boxes of adults movies. According to the owner, it was valued at $29,000. He claims many were out of date and worth a lot of money. His mom and dad confessed to destroying the porn collection.

He tried to press charges but was denied, so he filed a lawsuit instead.

Several emails were exchanged back and forth.

"According to the lawsuit, saying: "if you had a problem with my belongings, you should have stated that at the time and I would have gone elsewhere. Instead, you choose to keep quiet and behave vindictively."

"The emails continue some bringing up Charlie's alleged past recalling him being kicked out of high school and even college for selling porn to other students. His dad allegedly said: 'I also warned you at that time if I ever found pornography in my house again, I would destroy it."

"His father apparently responding: 'believe it or not, one reason for why I destroyed your porn was for your own mental and emotional health. I would have done the same if I had found a kilo of crack cocaine. Someday, I hope you will understand."

In the lawsuit, the man is asking for $86,000 in damages.

I would like to be a fly on the wall in that courtroom.


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