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This decision is leaving many city aldermen and women along with other community members not happy, but Mercyhealth has announced they will be making changes regarding their trauma emergency services at the west side location.

Mecryhealth will only be providing outpatient and clinic services at its Rockton Avenue location.

It will use ambulance services to transport certain ER patients from Rockton Ave. to the Level 1 Trauma Center at its Riverside Campus.

These announcements came Tuesday afternoon from CEO Javon Bea and it is in an effort to consolidate the staff between the two hospitals.

Bea was quoted as saying:

We have reassessed our services between our campuses and taken some helpful steps to provide better coordination of care for our patients and streamline services for faster and more efficient patient responsiveness. These adjustments will assist us in adapting to the massive changes in our patient care patterns caused by the decline in patient volume due to COVID-19.  It is a new world and, like so many other businesses and health systems, we must adapt.  It is just common sense to streamline and unify our services between our two campuses for efficiency and better coordination and continuity of care for our patients, with the changing patient patterns resulting from COVID-19,”

Other factors were said to have been a decreased number coming into the emergency department, the increase in telemedicine, and a lower volume of surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This isn't the first big cut that Mercyhealth has made this year either. A pediatric intensive care unit, in-patient acute mental illness services were cut and some Medicaid patients were also dropped.

For a full list of services that will be offered at Rockton Ave and Mayor McNamara's statement see mystateline.com.

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