A mattress is thrown from a building in Chicago and just misses hitting a pedestrian.

Do you remember the scene in the movie, "The Hangover," when a mattress was tossed out of a hotel window?

I think that's one of my biggest fears when I'm walking around tall buildings — somebody is going to throw an object and injure me.

Well, this situation would have just freaked me out.

According to nbcchicago.com,

"A mattress fell from a building and landed near a person Sunday in the West Loop. Officers responded about 11:30 p.m. to the 500 block of West Madison Street after a male told them a mattress landed on the sidewalk while he was walking, Chicago police said. No injuries were reported, and building security took the mattress, police said. Police said further information wasn’t available because the person who made the initial call was not on scene when officers arrived."

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