Academy Award winner and iconic "alright alright alright!" catchphrase coiner Matthew McConaughey gave some lucky college students a ride home last night, making us regret the fact that we don't live in Texas. And aren't currently college students. And have never been invited into Matthew McConaughey's car, ever, at any point.

McConaughey didn't just happen to roll past some unwitting undergraduates, however. His charitable effort was in promotion of the University of Texas at Austin's SURE WALK program, which aims to protect students against sexual assault on campus by offering them "volunteer companionship" on their evening walk home.

"You never know who's going to pick you up..." a promo video for the service teased, before unveiling footage of McConaughey behind the wheel of a golf cart. The Dallas Buyers Club star picked up some students in the clip, who were alternately excited and confused.

SURE WALK's Facebook page announced the end of McConaughey's "shift" at 2:14 AM (the service runs from 7PM to 2AM), stating, "Hello everyone, thank you for letting our special guest get you home safe. He is gone for the remainder of the night."

McConaughey attended UT Austin himself, graduating in 1993. It was there in Austin that, after an unplanned bar encounter with a film producer, McConaughey was cast in his small but memorable breakout role as Wooderson in Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused. 

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