The Ramones may be gone, but their music lives on. And we'll definitely see a Ramones revival in a big way in 2016. According to Billboard, there's a variety of new Ramones projects in the works, including a film with acclaimed director Martin Scorsese attached.

No specific details were revealed about the film other than the fact that it will be a dramatized movie rather than something culled together from past footage. Scorsese has a history with music-related films, having worked on The Rolling Stones' 'Shine a Light' and The Band's 'The Last Waltz.' But while those films are more documentary style, according to the report the Scorsese project would be casting actors for roles in a revisiting of the band's story.

With the death of Tommy Ramone earlier this year, the estates of all four band members are now working together for upcoming projects. There is also talk that a Ramones documentary is in the works. Jeff Jampol, who manages the band's estate, tells Billboard, "We're looking at a documentary on The Ramones. We just secured a ton of footage, much of which has never been seen before. It came from the Ramones on the road over the years in the '70s and a little bit from the '80s, from a gentleman who had shot them. His name is George Seminara."

Jampol revealed that there's also talk of a theatrical play and a book as well. "You'll see a book coming, which is not a biographical book so much, but a story of the band's formation and those first few records and the craziness that happened," says Jampol. "It'll be a combination of prose, photographs and memorabilia and posters, just kind of documenting the scene. The Ramones were the first punk band and they started the punk movement."

There may also be some Ramones apparel and additional remastered music as well. At present, most of the Ramones activity is geared toward being ready for 2016, which will mark the 40th anniversary of the band's first album. Stay tuned for all of the Ramones projects on the way.

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