The year may be 2015, but as we've seen over the years -- comics are timeless! And as such, we're getting a comic book pairing we never knew we wanted but can't wait to check out. According to Comics Alliance, Archie Comics is prepping a new book featuring punk legends the Ramones.

During a Saturday night panel at San Diego's Comic-Con, the creative team of writers Alex Segura and Matthew Rosenberg and artist Gisele Lagace discussed how the Archie Meets Ramones comic came to be.

“Matt got in touch with the Ramones’ people, and they were super into it," says Segura. "So I reached out to Gisele, whom I’d worked with before on the 'Occupy Riverdale' story and other things. We’re all huge Ramones fans, and though it took a while to work out the details, once things started moving, it actually went pretty quick. It’s gonna be a super-fun oversized one-shot, with covers by some truly amazing artists (whom I can’t announce just yet), and it syncs up nicely because it’ll be the 75th Anniversary of Archie, and the 40th Anniversary of the Ramones … It’s really kinda like a dream come true to be doing this.”

Lagace added, "I draw comics today for a living, but I’ve also played in bands; many of those punk rock. We’d often cover songs by The Ramones. Getting to draw Archie Meets Ramones has me fangirling in excitement. I will draw with the energy and passion of a Ramone to ensure my beloved Riverdale gets a Rock ‘N’ Roll High School.”

Rosenberg concludes, "It might seem strange to some people to combine these things, but there’s really no divide for me… Archie is what got me into comics, the Ramones are what got me into punk rock, and those two things have always been connected for me. The Ramones are my punk rock heroes, they’re really very comic booky, and Archie has a long history of being connected to music, and being willing to try new things and do cool new stuff, so to me, this makes perfect sense.”

Look for Archie Meets Ramones arriving on comic book shelves in 2016. And speaking of animation, check out the new video for "I Wanna Win the Lottery" from Marky Ramone & The Intruders below.

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