Wisconsin officer takes one below the belt during an arrest.

There's definitely an element of danger in police enforcement. In any given situation, a police officer doesn't know exactly how an incident will play out. They have to be prepared for anything and expect the worst. While going through training, I'm not sure if they play out this type of situation.

According to mystateline.com,

 "A Kenosha man has been charged with four counts in connection to an arrest during which, he grabbed a male officer’s genitals. Officers were called to a bar for a fight where they found a group of people arguing outside. When an officer attempted to arrest the suspect he grabbed the officer’s pants “in the crotch area” and crushed down on the officer’s genitals. After being removed from the grip, the officer was taken to the hospital and did not sustain any “observable” injuries."

Definitely, not a fate I would wish on anyone because it's so painful.

Video: 96.7 The Eagle #BackTheBlue



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