David Rush holds over 100 Guinness World Records, all broken for the promotion of STEM education. He appeared on TBN's Huckabee Show to win back his title of "Most Chairs Balanced on Chin," which he previously held at eight chairs before Jaw Rawlings beat his record earlier this year on Britain's Got Talent.

He gained his title back after holding 15 chairs on his chin for 10 seconds, beating Rawling's previously set 11 chairs.

  • World's Fastest Juggling
  • World's Slowest Juggling
  • Most Bites Taken from 3 Apples While Juggling
  • Fastest Time to Bounce 5 Ping Pong Balls into 5 Glasses (3.47 seconds)
  • Most Peas Eaten With a Toothpick in One Minute
  • Longest Duration of a Guitar Balanced on The Forehead
  • Most Cucumbers Snapped in One Minute
  • Most T-Shirts Worn and Torn in One Minute
  • Fastest Mile With an Egg on a Spoon in the Mouth
  • Longest Duration Balancing a Lawnmower on the Chin
  • Farthest Distanced Walked Balancing a Lawnmower on the Chin
  • Most Records Broken (The music kind)

He has broken over 100 records, but doesn't have the Guinness World Record for Most Guinness World Records Broken... yet.

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