Let's hope they keep the romance alive as long as she is.

For all of you skeptics out there who don't believe love exists, may we present Gary and Almeda Hardwick of Sevierville, Tenn. He's 18, she's 71. They're married, even though there's a  53-year age gap. You know, if the difference in age with your spouse is greater than a Cleveland title sports drought, you may want to consider someone a little closer to your demographic.

The couple met last year at the funeral for Almeda's son. Yeah, this guy picked up a woman at a funeral...for her son. We don't know whether to high-five him or kick him in the groin.

The couple got married after dating only three weeks (we're guessing time was of the essence).

Almeda says it was love at first sight and "we keep growing every day in our relationship."

Gary, meanwhile, says they're made for each other and they've never had an argument, which, as anyone who's ever been in a relationship can tell you is a bad sign because EVERY COUPLE FIGHTS. Either they're really good at bottling their emotions or she simply can't hear him when he says he's going out with his friends.

Gary had a thing for cougars long before Almeda entered his life, having dated a 77-year-old woman. It's unclear if he didn't see a future with that woman or if he got tired of refilling her meds, but he just wasn't happy in that relationship.

Look at him. He's 18, but he appears more like he a 35-year-old who looks like he's 50. That's what marrying someone who should be your nana's bridge partner will do to you.

As for all the people who question their love, they're not bothered in the least.

Now, they just need to get ready to answer all those nosy relatives who like to ask about when they're going to have kids...

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