Illinois winters are rough.  Very very very very very rough.  Agreed?  Agreed. I commute an hour to work every day so this item caught my eye immediately.  Getting into your car in the winter can be a scary thing.  You know your seat is going to freeze your butt, your hands might freeze around the steering wheel, and your car itself takes forever to warm up.

So how can you make the commute experience in the winter a lot more enjoyable?  If you've ever owned a heated blanket then you know how much you look forward to getting into bed during the colder months.  So why not have the same experience every morning?  Well now you can.  We have the perfect stocking stuffer for your friend who is always cold.

I present to you...  a heated blanket for your car.

Credit Amazon
Credit Amazon

You're not dreaming, this item really exists, and it costs less than $25. According to Delish-

The electric heated blanket plugs into the cigarette lighter. The 12-volt fleece blanket works with cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs. It has a 96-inch-long cord, so it can reach most spaces in the car. This blanket will definitely help when you’re waiting for your car to warm up in freezing weather.

Suddenly were dreading those winter drives a little less.  Shop your's here.

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