A scary clown can deliver your friends, family, and co-workers donuts from a store in  Madison, Wisconsin.

It's now officially October, so Halloween season is in full effect. That means people are trying to scare the heck out of each other. I would dare to say, the goto costume is the terrifying clown. Many people have a fear of clowns.

If you're looking for a good seasonal prank to pull on someone, check this out.

According to rare.us,

"If you feel like ruining a friendship there’s a place that will send a clown that looks like it crawled out of hell to deliver donuts to your friend’s front door. All 19 locations of Hurts Donuts will send a scary clown to whomever you instruct them to with a box full of donuts and a face that will haunt their nightmares forever." 

Thanks to the world of technology, you can see first hand how one of these special deliveries works.

From Hurts Donut Company YouTube channel,

Video: Hurts Donut Co Creepy Clown Delivery

The closest location to Rockford is in Middleton, Wisconsin. That might be a little bit too far, but there's no reason you couldn't pull this off DIY.

Video: How to Look Like Alice Cooper


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