One of your favorite childhood meals is having its own festival in Chicago.

As a kid, I ate mac and cheese all the time. It was one of my favorites. In fact, I still have it once in awhile.

Back when I was growing up, there were basically two kinds. You had "Kraft Macaroni with Cheese" and "Velveeta Shells and Cheese" (or the generic equivalent).

Now, mac and cheese has become a gourmet dish. Chefs come up with their own style and many restaurants are featuring it.

It's time to go to the next level. That means a festival.

Mac and Cheese Fest is coming to Chicago.

  • Saturday, November 4th
  • U.I.C. Forum in Chicago

What is Mac and Cheese Fest all about?

"Mac & Cheese Fest celebrates the dish by featuring variations spanning continents and cultures. Explore the culinary genius of Chicago chefs as they carefully prepare exquisite versions of your favorite rainy day dish. Participating restaurants will forever transform your perception of your childhood favorite."

I can just imagine all the great different versions they will come up with.

Video: Mac and Cheese Fest

If you're going to go check it out, remember to bring your appetite.

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